Let’s Put on the Layers


Tights, long johns, thermals, scarves, long sleeves, undershirts, gloves, cardigans, sweaters and wool coats.

We all know the winter routine for the relentlessness winters that greet us each and every year. We have it down to a science and if you not, you can find your guru to show you the light. It will become second nature.

While winter layers is something we all have mastered or soon will, jewelry is another challenge. If you are an avid wearer and lover of jewelry, you have definitely come across the dilemma of layering. What necklace to wear with what necklace? Chunky and skinny? Monochromatic and colorful?

Well here we are, your guru, with a few ideas when you are left looking in your jewelry chest debating what to wear with what. Here are three tips:

1. Long and short


Heart Stud Necklace


Glass Bead and Golden Section Necklace in Aqua

This combination allows the eye to be drawn towards the collarbone with a delicate touch, while the long beaded necklace frames your torso and outfit.

2. Stack it up


Brass Nile Necklace


Brilliant Star Stud Necklace


Tiny Brass Pyramid Necklace

Go ahead, put it all on! Take an arrangement of tiny necklaces to create a messy and effortless look. Its your equivalent of tousled hair that somehow seems to be in the right place.

3. Think Complementary Colors


 Sliced Gemstone Necklace in pink


Aqua Chalcedony Pendant Necklace

Not sure what colors go well with one another. Follow the rule of complementary colors. These combinations allow each color in the pair to fully pop. Try this combination of a soft pink and green to add some color without feeling too overwhelmed. Always remember these pairs:

red and green

blue and orange

yellow and purple

Hopefully with these tips, you can conquer jewelry layers just like winter layers.

All these pieces (and more!) can be purchased at Chibi Jewels. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @ chibijewels

About chibijewels

Chibi Jewels is a New York jewelry studio whose whimsical collection of handmade jewelry takes inspiration from the traditions, colors, patterns, and symbols of cultures from around the world. Each collection starts with travel, encounters, and collaborations between artisans and results in beautifully handcrafted jewelry, designed and constructed here in New York City. In Japanese, chibi means small, but it is a term of endearment used only between those that are close. Chibi Jewels aims to unite far away people and cultures and to bring their traditions together through their unique collection of modern jewelry.
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