Don’t Let the Weather Bring you Down

January is finally here and the weather has slowly started to dwindle down into the teens. It’s time to sort the real New Yorkers from the fakers. The subway commute and the city streets are now covered with people walking to work completely devoured by dark wool and puffy coats. It’s a monochromatic scene. While people can debate whether they like the crisp air or not, we all can agree that it’s hard to personalize your attire during these months. The main priority is warmth,as it should be, so we all walk in a limited range of blacks, blues and grey winter coats. It gets rather depressing, but it shouldn’t be. Let your ears be the canvas. Check out these bright stand out picks from our website:

Mosaic Fringe Earrings


Brass Solar Burst Earrings


Beaded Diamond Pattern Earrings


Check out more from chibijewels and definitely follow us on Instagram @Chibijewels for more amazing new pieces to come!

About chibijewels

Chibi Jewels is a New York jewelry studio whose whimsical collection of handmade jewelry takes inspiration from the traditions, colors, patterns, and symbols of cultures from around the world. Each collection starts with travel, encounters, and collaborations between artisans and results in beautifully handcrafted jewelry, designed and constructed here in New York City. In Japanese, chibi means small, but it is a term of endearment used only between those that are close. Chibi Jewels aims to unite far away people and cultures and to bring their traditions together through their unique collection of modern jewelry.
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