The Gemstone We Love This Week: Lapis Lazuli

Lately we have been swooning over the dark deep blue of the lapis lazuli stone.

Why do we love it: Lapis lazuli has a beautiful rich blue color, along with bits of pyrite which add a golden glittery sheen to the stone.

Where is it from: Afghanistan has been the main source, and history shows that we’ve been mining this blue stone for 6000 years!

What’s it made of: It gets it name from the mineral its made of : lazurite. Along with some calcite which gives it a white milky swirl and the pyrite that glitters.

Magical property: Lapis is a symbol of of luck, success and prosperity.

About chibijewels

Chibi Jewels is a New York jewelry studio whose whimsical collection of handmade jewelry takes inspiration from the traditions, colors, patterns, and symbols of cultures from around the world. Each collection starts with travel, encounters, and collaborations between artisans and results in beautifully handcrafted jewelry, designed and constructed here in New York City. In Japanese, chibi means small, but it is a term of endearment used only between those that are close. Chibi Jewels aims to unite far away people and cultures and to bring their traditions together through their unique collection of modern jewelry.
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