Gold is not going anywhere!

For as long as I could remember, Gold has been a very valuable commodity throughout human history. It was used as jewelry, money and sign of power. Its brilliant sun-like color, malleability and resistance to tarnishing made it a perfect metal for jewelry. But, let’s not forget that gold is a bit pricey these days.

That’s why jewelers have turned to brass, which replicates that golden look at an affordable price. The downside of brass jewelry is that it tarnishes. Some find this natural tarnishing desirable, because the jewelry piece gains a rustic and deeper color, while others would prefer to keep the gleam that the jewelry had in the beginning.

Alot of Chibi Jewels is made from brass which makes it affordable, and if you want to keep the bright gold look of your pieces try some of these tips:

  1. Clear Nail-polish: Just a coat or two should make an air resistance layer that will keep tarnishing from happening.
  2. Polishing cloth: These handy pieces of cloth are going to make your piece shine with a few rubs. Remember to never wash them and you can use them till they are shreds.
  3. Lemon and Salt: This method is a bit messy, but we’ve heard that it works wonderfully. Just rub it into your jewels and it should shine bright.



About chibijewels

Chibi Jewels is a New York jewelry studio whose whimsical collection of handmade jewelry takes inspiration from the traditions, colors, patterns, and symbols of cultures from around the world. Each collection starts with travel, encounters, and collaborations between artisans and results in beautifully handcrafted jewelry, designed and constructed here in New York City. In Japanese, chibi means small, but it is a term of endearment used only between those that are close. Chibi Jewels aims to unite far away people and cultures and to bring their traditions together through their unique collection of modern jewelry.
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